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Question: We get to learn in bhakti that we should not look at any devotee on a materialistic platform, but when a devotee looks at us on a materialistic plane and criticizes us, in what way should we view that? How do we deal with this situation?

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Jayapataka Swami: We were discussing in the Temple Of Vedic Planetarium, there are two types of knowledge, ascending, going from down to up, and the other one is descending, coming down from up. Now modern scientists go from down to up and the Vedic scientists go from up to down. Ascending and descending. This ascending there is always some error in that. Like there is a swan. We say the swan is white in color. But in some other country we could see a black swan. So they say oh, the swan can be white or black. So all the knowledge is lost.  This way, ascending knowledge depends on observation. And descending knowledge which comes from up to down, from the Lord to us. So ascending knowledge says something. (inaudible).  For thousands of years we have had knowledge which has come down and we accept this wholly.