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Question: We are very much excited about the opening of the Pujari floor in the TOVP. And we know that you have taken responsibility of the West Wing Exhibits of Vedic Planetarium. It will exhibit the science of the Bhagavatam, but we don’t know any other details of this Exhibits project. Could you please explain to us disciples, in general? We are very eager to know and help Your Divine Grace!

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Jayapataka Swami: Well, there is an entry level and four other levels. So the main temple team is going to give us two levels. We opted for the entry level and the fourth level. But the first level tell us about reincarnation, consciousness, such things. The second level talks about the evolution of the Vedas, as mentioned in the Vedas. What is the Vedic idea of evolution – how the soul transmigrates through different bodies. And not that the bodies evolve, but that the atma transmigrates and finally reaches the human life. And the third level tells about cosmology of the universe as described in the Srimad Bhagavatam, Surya? siddhanta and various puranas. The fourth level has the dome theater; the existing dome theater is 12 meters. That one there will be 23 meters. That is a huge dome and we will have many people like 250 people can sit and be completely absorbed. So there we will have some nice show, giving the Vedic idea of creation of the universe and so on. We also have dome exhibits which tell about Mahesh dham, Hari dham and Goloka dham. We need on this people who have technical qualifications to help us design the different exhibits. The donations which my disciples and people in my zone give, 50% will go to the West Wing and 50% to the TOVP.