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Question: Trnad api suni cena taror api sahisnuna. But nowadays people are so rude and words are so harsh. So if anyone is insulting ISKCON or saying bad words, against your gurus, then what should a vaisnava do? To what extent should they tolerate?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see, once in the early 70s I was making life members in Calcutta. I went into one business man’s office. And he started blaspheming. He said, you people are all bogus. You don’t do anything good for the people. He said so many things. I listened to that and when he finished, I said, you are wrong sir. We do all the services and we showed our book, how we distribute prasadam, how we have different festivals. And he was surprised! He said, I thought that I would blow you out! I blew you away! I was just testing you! How much have I to pay? Ha! Ha! Ha! So sometimes, we let people blow out their steam, and then we tell them that no, we are actually doing many good services for people. As a new devotee in Canada, I went into a hostel. One student, he started to blaspheme Krsna and so I just turned around and left that place. So I felt good by leaving the place. So sometimes, we have to leave, depending on the place and it was not proper as I was in a hostel. So I just left that room and went to some other person who was less offensive.