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Question: Though I chant 16 rounds every day, it is difficult to chant. Why is it so some days to chant?

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Jayapataka Swami: There are various stages of chanting starting from shradha, satsanga, bhajana kriya. At the bhajana kriya level they can take diksa from guru. Should be a bona fide vaisnava guru or coming from a bona fide disciplic succession. The next stage is called anarta nivritti. With the guru’s help you overcome these anarthas. One of the anarthas is that bhakti some days it is thick and some days it is thin! So some days it is very easy to chant and some days it is very difficult. But with the help of guru you can overcome that. And you can achieve this stage called nista. Fixed! Don’t have that up and down! Every day it is easy! The next stage is ruci. Taste. Sweet taste! Sometimes you get a glimpse even before! When you have reached the stage of ruci means every day you taste, yum yum!! Then you become attached to that sweet taste. And that is called the stage of aasakti. After aasakti you reach the stage of bhava, ecstatic love for Krsna. You have eight ecstatic symptoms. Then only by the mercy of Krsna or Gauranga you can reach the stage of Prema, Krsna Prema! So we are experiencing some days thin, some days thick, some days easy some days hard, due to being in the anarta nivritti stage. Of course the problem will be there in all the previous stages. But by the mercy of the guru, you can overcome that. Haribol!