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Question: The Lord said the different qualities of the living entities both good or bad are created by the Lord Himself. So like Jagai and Madhai so many are behaving in the same crooked way, when everything is sanctioned by the Lord, how is the living entity responsible for that? Earlier it was said, not a blade of grass moves without the will of the Lord.

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Jayapataka Swami: This way, they try to give all the responsibility to Krsna! You see, human life is somewhat different than the animal life. The animals they follow their nature. Tigers, lions, they eat other animals. But deer and cows, they eat grass. But human beings we have a choice. We can eat other things, we can eat the vegetables, fruits, milk products or we can kill animals and eat them. So if we kill animals it is bad karma. If we eat vegetables that is less karma. But if we eat prasadam, then we get freed from different reactions. So we are recommending that people become Krsnatarians. Haribol! Yesterday we had Annakut. And people were taking the mountain of rice with different sabzis and things. Pakora, roti. So what is the problem? So by eating prasadam we can get freed, it is called yagna ashish. But if we decide that we want to eat blood, then we have to take the karma! It is not that Krsna is forcing us to kill animals. Rather He is recommending that we take prasadam, and that He doesn’t eat tamasic food but He eats satvic food, which is vegetarian. Now we go in the super markets. This is a modern progress! Then there is a very clear section, meat and fish. You have your choice, whether you want to buy vegetables, you want to buy grains, or meat. So how can you give Bhagavan the blame, the dosh? You have the free will and you misuse it! So as human beings, we have the free will. If you are a tiger, it is alright, you don’t get karma. But if you are a human being, you get karma. So you want good karma or bad karma? Or do you want devotional service? And then get your place in the spiritual world. So if you do good karma, you go to the swarga. If you do bad karma, you get bad reactions and go to hell. But if you do bhagavat seva you go back to Godhead! Haribol!