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Question: Sometimes some congregation devotees are asking a question that they are working outside very hard. So every day they cannot complete their rounds, next day they try but they have difficulty that day as well. So what will happen? How to deal?

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Jayapataka Swami:  In principle, of course, they can speak to me if they are my disciple or anyone for that matter, I can try to guide them. But generally the idea is that they should chant in the morning.  As far as my disciples are concerned, I think that it is alright if they are at the work place or driving to work, somehow they can use the counting machine to chant. But city traffic you cannot chant, in the highway you can chant. In the highway it is automatic. In the city, you stop, move, very difficult to chant. They can play the Bhagavad-gita audio version or some classes, their guru’s class, Srila Prabhupada’s class and they can listen, during the traffic jam! Ha! But otherwise they can chant using a counter, say that they have to go from one place – a doctor, he has to go and see the patients. He can keep a clicker in his pocket. And chant when he walks, one ward to the next. So I met one man, he said that he couldn’t chant. He was director of a factory. I told him that use a counting machine. His job was to walk and see that everybody is working in the factory. So I said use a counter. He said that people said, what is that in your hand? I am seeing that you are working, I am calculating everything! They said, oh! So he came back and said, wow, I did 15 rounds! 15 rounds in one day! I never knew that. He would walk the whole day and he would be spacing out. And now when he used the counter, he did 15 rounds. Maybe he didn’t feel comfortable to use the beads. I get them somehow or another to chant. Some nurses, I was in the hospital, nurses and doctors, practitioners, I would give them to chant – I was not supposed to give beads, you can show the beads – but if you give and they commit some offence, then we are responsible. So I give them a counter and they keep them in their pocket. In the nurses’ station sometimes there are no patient calls, so that way they at least chant some rounds in a day. So I had the nurses and everybody chanting in the hospital. I said, you are a doctor of the body be a doctor of the soul too! So, that is the general principle. But if you need more detail, you can write to me, I can guide.