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Question: Some say that leaving the body in the holy dham, the soul for sure goes back to the spiritual world. How true is this statement or everything depends on our consciousness at the moment of leaving the body even in the holy dham?

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Jayapataka Swami:  If you have a connection, relationship with Krsna, then leaving the body in the dham means you go back. If you are living on the crust of the dham and you don’t have any relationship with Krsna, then it maybe that your consciousness is not Krsna at all at the time of death and you have no cremation, then you may have to take birth again. Someone asked Lord Nityananda, that here I see some people live in the dham, they are atheists or materialistic and Lord Nityananda said, there is a thin layer of material energy over the dham and these people live on that crust. They don’t actually enter the dham. So entering the dham we get the mercy of Prauda Maya, Vrdha Siva and we chant Hare Krsna, we render devotional service and thus we enter into the dham. So being part of the dham is different than living on the crust and not having any relation with Lord Caitanya. But even if one chants accidentally Hare Krsna or Gauranga, then they get some benefit.