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Question: So I am kind of a neophyte devotee myself and not having a great deal within my family. So I need to lie to them at times for example, simple Ekadasi fast, I need to lie to them. Till what degree it is better? And also, I have to step down from my principles sometimes, so what (audio break)

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H.H.Jayapataka Swami: First degree, second degree, third degree, what degree? You know, in America (audio break) . Sometimes you can say I have to go to the library or I am not feeling well. And maybe you can go to the library. I don’t know how, what kind of lies you are talking about. What degree of negativity your parents have? Some people observe Ekadasi but they are not necessarily Krsna bhaktas. Sometimes you can say that well, I am taking light food today, I am not feeling well. And it is Ekadasi fast. You just eat Ekadasi preparations. So I don’t know, you are very intelligent, you can sometimes tell the truth which is having a dual meaning. So we like to avoid lying but if you do so to serve Krsna, it is alright. In Russia when the Soviet Union was the government and some devotees were smuggling the books then the KGB caught them and said what is this? Oh, this is folklore! They would say something that is folklore from India! Then, they said ok. So I cannot put myself exactly in your shoes to understand what troubles you are going through (audio break) Prahlad maharaj, his father was a great demon king. At first his father thought that some vaisnava was sneaking into the school and (audio break) at sunset if your God does not come, I will kill you. I don’t know how demonic your relatives are. (Audio break) usually in Kali yuga people have a little bhakti and a little demonic nature. If you have an older person go and talk to their parents, maybe able to change their minds. Krsna understands that you are facing a lot of obstacles and it is difficult to practice His devotion, He is all the more thankful for your attempts. Hare Krsna!
05-October-2019 CHENNAI, INDIA