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Question: Should parents who are initiated check astrology of their kids?

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Jayapataka Swami: Well, the custom is that when a child is born, you see, what his astrological chart is because that will tell you the karma of the child from birth. So in South India, they also see, in say, the Madhva sampradaya, they see the chart of a child and see if its future shows if he will be a sannyasi. And accordingly they give sannyasa to him or her. Well, it doesn’t always work. I know one boy, he after taking sannyasa, he married a call girl. So, it is not foolproof. Whether it was the wrong reading, or bad association, or whatever, but it was the custom and that was done with Lord Caitanya. And therefore Nilambar Chakravarti Thakur, he was the grandfather of Lord Caitanya, and he was a renowned astrologer and he could see that He would be very uplifting for the whole world. So he gave Him the name Viswambar. And Garga muni, he could see that Krsna was an avatar, but he couldn’t say that to His parents, so he said, He would have the power of Narayana. So it is customary to have a qualified astrologer say what the future of your child is. How much they realize, or if they …,  he gives the indication.