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Question: Saci mata thought negative about Viswarupa taking sannyasa and thought offensively about Advaita Acarya. She is a very great soul and I am very low. But sometimes negative thought, in Krsna conscious practice, we don’t want to commit any offences but sometimes some negative thoughts come in our mind of devotees. So it is because of our karma or out of habit? If it is so, how to stop erasing those negative thoughts and be saved from vaisnava aparada? Will you please help me to understand?

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Jayapataka Swami: Think how dear all the devotees are to Lord Krsna. Because devotee serves Krsna, naturally He is dear to Krsna. So how we can think bad about any devotee? Actually, to give up our life. Say a devotee was attacked by a tiger or a mad boar or something, we go to save him or her and then we lose our life. We go right back to Godhead. If someone is worth dying for, why do you want to think bad about that person? We should try to remember how all the devotees are very rare, and very dear to Lord Krsna. Haribol! Thank you!