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Question: One of the Lord’s opulence is to be equal to all living entities. And He created a fair punishment system when punishment should fit to the crimes. On the other hand, how can there be a punishment seemingly disproportionate like for one who killed a cow, he is forced to suffer reactions of getting killed as many hairs as that on the cow’s body. How do we understand this?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see, an animal, killing an animal is one thing but killing a cow is a completely different thing. The cow is meant for the upliftment of the human society, and the cow in its next birth will take birth as a brahmana. A tiger or lion will take birth as a kshatriya, and a monkey will take birth as a sudra or a man in ignorance. So if you kill a cow, who doesn’t harm anyone, who produces the milk which is liquid religiosity. It is a great kind of a punishment. So we should be very careful not to kill cows.