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Question: One has to do pious activities to take birth in brahmana family. So how come Jagai and Madhai were born in such brahmana family and still so sinful? What has made them so sinful?

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Jayapataka Swami: You see, we have rebirth. We may have a good birth, but if we don’t engage in Krsna’s service, then we may develop bad habits. Baumadeva was the son of Bhumi.  He was considered a demigod, an angel, but he had association with demons, therefore he became Baumasura.  He became a demon and so association can also change one. Jagai and Madhai were born in good families but they associated with drunkards, so they also became drunkards. So we should choose our association and associate with devotees who are fixed up, serious and avoid association with non-devotees who are sinful by nature.