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Question: One devotee’s family is suffering from corona. So she is in anxiety or a fearful situation. So, she was asking a question, she couldn’t join in, but she is asking.

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Jayapataka Swami: So, we have some alternative treatments for corona virus. Ayurveda, yoga, many things. And many devotees said it helped them a lot. So, being a vegetarian, and chanting certain mantras, like the Panca-tattva mantra one time or short Nita-Gauranga- 7 times, chanting 21 times the names of Narsimha Deva – Sri Nrsimha, Jaya Nrsimha, Jaya Jaya Jaya Narsimha and then chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra. Understanding that Lord Siva said one name of Krishna is equal to 3000 names of Visnu, one name of Rama is equal to 1000 names of Visnu and that Hare could mean Hari or Hara, it is a dative sense, so Hare Krishna can mean Hari Krishna or Hara Krishna, so you can chant that and we have some Ayurvedic treatments, in some treatment it’s keeping patches on the left hand and on the left ankle and breathing in some vapors which is from various herbs, we have both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. So if they need those alternative cures, I can send to  Madhavakanta the details of the doctor who is doing the trials, and hopefully, they will help the parents of that devotee.We had 37 devotees in Dhaka, they were proved Corona virus positive and they took this alternative treatments and then within a few days, they were negative. So we are trying to disseminate this. Of course devotees chant mantras and are vegetarian, so that’s why we are including this therapy. In Hari-bhakti vilasa, it says that if there is an incurable disease, chant the name of Hari and it also says to chant the name of Narsingha Deva.