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Question: Now only I came to devotional service at the age of 49. How to get spiritual and I am preparing for initiation. That is the question. I came at half age, so I am feeling!

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Jayapataka Swami: Better late than never! Ha! Ha! So, we saw how Mukunda was lamenting that he had wasted much time listening to the mayawadis. So if you lament how your 49 years you were not spending in devotional service, then you can use the remaining time whatever you have, in Krsna’s service. I came to Krsna consciousness when I was 19. I am lamenting that the first 19 years were wasted! And some people are so fortunate, they are born in Krsna consciousness, but some of them don’t understand how fortunate they are! So, if you take devotional service as a rare jewel, and try to use every remaining moment in devotional service, then you will achieve all success. Haribol!