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Question: Narasaraopet where Krsna ran from Kalayavana. Kalayavana was probably deploying his army in Mathura or Dwaraka and both places are far away from Narasaraopet, so how could he have run to that place?

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Jayapataka Swami: Krsna, He walked very fast! And somehow He empowered Kalayavana to keep up. You see, He did not want to kill a yavana. So by Him walking to Narasaraopet to the cave of Mucukunda, He achieved multiple things, of which liberating Kalayavana was one thing and then waking up Mucukunda and then Mucukunda, he saw Lord Krsna, which he took as a great blessing. He was stuck through the whole lila of Lord Krsna, but then he woke up and when he woke up he had to kill someone, because he woke him up. So Krsna arranged that Kalayavana woke him up, so he got burnt to ashes. Then He blessed Mucukunda, that he could see Krsna. So many things, that was what I could think of, who knows what were the other things achieved! So, Krsna by one act, He may achieve multiple effects. He is wonderful! Jai Sri Krsna Bhagavan ki jai!