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Question: My body is diseased and I am not able to chant nicely. Even many times I am not able to serve your first instruction to chant 16 rounds and I am full of anarthas, my heart is not pure yet and I am not able to chant. I am very much worried that chanting is the only process from which I can clean my heart, but I am not able to do so. So Guru Maharaj, how will I purify myself and get out of my anarthas and get your mercy and get Krishna’s love?

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Jayapataka Swami: What is your health problem?
Devotee: Guru Maharaj I was having connective tissues disorder. My body has been detoxed completely for last 1.5 years. I was not aware of the problem. Only 2 years back I came to know. The treatment is still going on. 60 % of my body is cured, rest 40% weakness is there and I try my best, but I fail many times.
Jayapataka Swami: You can keep track, say one day you are short on your rounds. Say, you are four rounds short and later on you make it up. Maybe in 2 days or in 3 days, so that way it’s considered you are keeping steady. But if you are sick, then try to do the best you can and hopefully you will get cured and be able to chant more regularly. Otherwise if you miss some days, keep track and make it up. Sometimes, people use the counting machine, and chant while they are walking. Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur, he was very active, he would chant while walking, he was pacing up and down the room or walking around Radha kunda. Somehow or other he would keep moving. Some people they like to sit in one place and chant. Some people they like to walk. There are no hard and fast rules for the chanting. I chant a set number of rounds on my beads, then I do exercises and then while I exercise, I chant. So in a day I may chant more rounds, because I chant on my beads, I chant when I am walking, I chant during exercise, so they add it all up and it comes to a lot. So, Lord Chaitanya would chant on His fingers. So, anyway whatever way you can do, if you are 60% cured, then gradually as you increase your health, you can chant more. Hare Krishna.
Devotee: Thank you so much Guru Maharaj. Thank you.
Jayapataka Swami: Thank you my dear spiritual daughter.