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Question: Mukunda seems to do some minor mistake which was taken by Lord Caitanya very seriously. So we do so many gross and subtle mistakes both philosophically and consciously, so it seems we cannot get the mercy of Lord Caitanya easily. So how can we understand this?

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Jayapataka Swami: Now, it is not a minor thing to mingle with the impersonalists on one hand and then mix with the devotees on the other. You shouldn’t take this as something very light. That is the point that has been made here. Lord Caitanya is using Mukunda Datta as an example. We should not mingle with the impersonalists – it is not a minor thing. Because impersonalism is against devotional service. They want to become one with God. They call the other sannyasis, Narayana and so on. So they are beating Krsna with a stick. They are saying I am equal to Krsna! That is very offensive! How could you say this is a minor thing? So the reason why Lord Caitanya is making an example of Mukunda Datta, because it is not minor, it is a very basic mistake. We should not mingle with the impersonalists. If we accept impersonalism, then we can all be equal with God, equal with Krsna. Are we hitting Krsna? Are we attacking Krsna? Are you thinking you are equal to Krsna? So it is not a minor thing. It is a very basic and serious offence.