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Question: Maharaj, you have taken the trouble of coming right to Damodardesh, you are coming to our homes, what is it that you want the people in this room to do? What do you think is the best thing that can happen for all the people seated in this room? This is a chance of a lifetime. So please give us that message.

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Jayapataka Swami: What I would like to see happen to the people in this room? You see, normally if you don’t know the laws of this universe, then people may be born in a very rich, aristocratic family now, but what the next life will be is not known! You may be born in Yemen, which is under war! Anywhere! Even you cannot say where we will go. So if the people chant Hare Krsna, if they observe the Ekadasis and things like that they will never see Yamaloka and we would like them to all at the end of this life, go back to the spiritual world! End the cycle of birth and death! You go through eight million 400 thousand species of life and then we become a human being. And then if we don’t take advantage of this human birth, we may again go back into the cycle. Like that my grandfather, was a paint industrialist. He sold his factory for 55 million dollars! In those days, when money had value! So you know, I could see that if you don’t have spiritual life, then life is not complete! You need to have material life and spiritual life side by side. I don’t want people here to give up anything, except their bad habits. Rather to add Krsna to their lives and make their lives happy, complete and end the cycle of rebirth! But it is up to each individual, I cannot force anyone! This is my personal experience but this family here, certainly they have Radha Govinda in their house, and like this, just add Krsna to your family, add Krsna to your life and by that means, you can avoid different trappings of material nature. And be peaceful. By bhakti yoga you can be a grihasta or a vairagi and achieve liberation. But other processes like jnana or yoga, Sankaracarya said, you have to be a sannyasi. Now how many will be sannyasis? It is not practical. Like Arjuna he was a grihasta, he was a prince, he was a devotee. So we want people to be devotees. That is all that they have to add.