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Question: Madhudvisa. Is Krsna’s name which means envious of Madhu? If enviousness cannot be purified like the other five vices, how can Krsna be envious of someone?

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Jayapataka Swami: Whatever Krsna does is pure. Krsna cannot be impure in any way. He defeated the Madhu demon. So one of His names is Madhudvisa. Madhusudan, different names. So Madhu was, being a powerful demon, he displayed some magic and had Lord Siva coming into the battle against Krsna and Krsna killing him. Actually Siva was not there, it was all the tricks of the Madhu demon. So Kartikeya, the general of the devas, he got bewildered, oh my father is dead! Siva is his father. But then Lord Hari showed him that actually your father is alive, these are the tricks of Madhu the demon. So even if we say Madhudvisa it is because the Madhu demon was doing very bad things and bewildering the soldiers of Visnu.