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Question: Lord Caitanya, He did not start from the beginning the preaching, and Srila Prabhupada, he also was waiting for a long time to preach. What is the lesson for us? What can we learn from this?

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Jayapataka Swami: Interesting question. Lord Caitanya as Nimai Pandit, He was showing in one sense, like the Vrndavana pastimes. He was Krsna but He didn’t let it be known! Everyone treated Him as a special person, but they didn’t realize that He was Krsna Himself! For a few He revealed but by and large, no. So He was showing how to be an excellent householder. Everyday He would invite sannyasis and poor people and feed them prasadam. Mother Saci would say, we don’t have enough food, what will I cook? He said, well, we will depend on Krsna! And somehow someone would come with a basket of bhoga just at the time when mother Saci needed it! So, people loved Nimai Pandit, but they didn’t know that He was Krsna. Just like in Vraja dham, people didn’t know that Krsna was God. When He lifted Govardhana on one finger for a week, then the cowherd men came to Nanda Maharaj and said, you cannot tell us your son is ordinary! We just Him LIFT THE MOUNTAIN FOR A WEEK, ON ONE FINGER!! WHO IS YOUR SON, TELL US, WE WANT TO KNOW! Then he said, well, Garga Muni, the astrologer said that He will have the power of Narayana! Why will He have the power of Narayana, ha! Ha! that he wouldn’t say! Ha! He WAS Narayana! Ha! Ha! Ha! Anyway, and that He would be good for the cowherd men and their families. Then they were satisfied.
Lord Caitanya, in Kali yuga, He didn’t lift any mountains! Ha! But He changed people from demoniac nature like Jagai Madhai to pure devotees!! Jagai Madhai said that You have revealed Your extreme mercy! Narayana, delivered Ajamila, who was a great sinner. But we are much greater sinners, we didn’t chant any name of the Lord, we have nothing good to say for ourselves. As much hair as we have on our heads, we have done more sins! And still, You have delivered us! So, You are showing Your extreme mercy, You cannot hide Yourself anymore. YOU ARE THE MOST MERCIFUL!! And Lord Caitanya said, give Me Tulasi, I will take all your sins! I WILL TAKE ALL YOUR SINS! They said, we are such sinners, we feel embarrassed to give You all our sins! GIVE ME! GIVE ME! DON’T BE SHY! So, this is a special mercy of Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda! Hare Krsna!