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Question: It says that we should chant the holy name in the mood of saranagati.

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Jayapataka Swami: He is asking – it says that we should chant the holy name in the mood of saranagati. Saranagati means surrender. In the mood of surrender to the Supreme Lord, one chants His holy names. So there are different ways of chanting. One may like the professional groups, they chant for money. So they are not really surrendered. By chanting taka, taka, taka! (taka means money in Bengali). So we want to chant, like how Mukunda did. He chanted and all the devotees’ hearts melted, and Lord Caitanya danced. So we would like to chant in that way. And I had a disciple who previously was in one of the kirtan bands, and later he became a devotee and he chanted in surrender. But he said that they had two hours of turns to chant. He would be showing crying, think when my two hours are up, I would like to smoke a cigarette! My bidi! Ha! Ha!  But outward he is showing, like crying and inside he is thinking bidi, bidi! So, when he met the devotees, he found out what the real method of chanting was. Saranagata. With fully surrendered mood. Then he didn’t think of bidi anymore! Ha! He wants blessing. Okay, he wants the blessing that he can fully follow the path of saranagati, surrender.