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Question: Is wearing a black dress, shirt, jacket, not good and why?

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Jayapataka Swami: In the Nectar of Devotion there are certain seva aparadhs. So, wearing certain cloth in front of the deities is offensive. As far as I remember, red, black is offensive. But someone can refer to the seva aparadhs mentioned in the Nectar of Devotion. Black is generally considered in the mode of ignorance and red is in the mode of passion. So somehow red and black are not recommended. But you can read the Nectar of Devotion about the different seva aparadhs like, when your feet are towards the deities, when you talk prajalpa in front of the deities. It doesn’t say using your mobile phone! But if you are speaking prajalpa on your mobile phone, it will count! If you are telling someone, I am in front of Krsna, He is so beautiful, oh KRSNA IS WONDERFUL! I feel so fortunate to be in front of Krsna. Then you may be excused!