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Question: Is there any way to trace the misled disciples committing offence and bring them back to Krsna consciousness, so that it would not lead to suffering of their guru?

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Jayapataka Swami: Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur, he described different employees of the namahatta bazar. He also said that there was a barber and a laundry man. So someone asked, a barber does generally unclean work and why do we have such a person in the namahatta? So he said, a barber is very important. He takes a person that is unshaven, i.e. he has developed some bad habits. So a barber means someone who can purify the conditioned soul and bring him back to gentlemanly standards. Gentleman or gentlewoman. So that is the job of the barber. Take a person who has become little contaminated, clean them up and send them back. Similarly, the washerman, the soiled cloth the person has and the person becomes addicted to that nishid acar. So the washerman, he washes the clothes and it becomes clean and pure. Like a person whose character has become soiled, he cleans them and brings them back to standard. So the barber and the washerman have very important jobs in the namahatta. So we want some special, empowered devotees to be able to help people to get back to the standards.