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Question: Is that Arjuna? Devotional service, if it is non-different from Krsna, do you think you need a different crowd to talk about devotional service?

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Jayapataka Swami: Is there a different way to explain devotional service to different people? Of course, I don’t know, I mean, it is Sunday feast is always a bit difficult. Because you have dedicated devotees, new people. So, I tried to explain the things a little more, since I don’t know all the people that are here. But if you have all new people, you explain one way and if you have all mature devotees, you explain another way. So that is called time, place and circumstance. Kal, desh, patra. We have to consider that. Sunday feast, I am a bit bewildered, what to actually say. So rather than say, I just pray to Krsna, please empower me and use me as an instrument. I don’t know if what I said was appropriate or everybody understood or not, but I tried!