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Question: Is it possible to give results of our Damodara month services to some devotee for their devotional empowerment? If so, what is the particular process to give our results to Guru Maharaj or simply by praying our results will be gone to them.

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Jayapataka Swami:   If you state before the deity, after saying Om, that you want to dedicate the result of your vrata to your forefather or anyone, you can do that. As far as I know that is the procedure. Sometimes, not this Ekadasi, but the Ekadasi before this, there was a king, his father because of some mistakes he made, he ended up in the kingdom of Yamaraja and he was there in a hellish region. So he told Narada muni that please tell my son to observe this Ekadasi and give the result to me. So the son with all the ministers and great people observed the Ekadasi and offered the result to his father. Then he was transferred to the spiritual world. Haribol!