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Question: In Vrndavana in Mangala Arati they sing ‘Vibhavari sesa’ and in Mayapur they sing ‘Samsara dhava’ prayers. How to understand this Guru Maharaj?

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Jayapataka Swami:  Because Prabhupada’s samadhi is right next to the temple so they sing the ‘Samsara’ prayers at his samadhi, I understand and they sing the ‘Vibhavari sesa’ prayers in the temple. Mainly in the temples around the world, Srila Prabhupada said to chant the ‘Samsara’ prayers, but Vrndavana was special, since the samadhi was right next to the temple. In Mayapur the samadhi is a bit far from the temple. Since the worship of Sri Radha Madhava and Asta Sakhi and the Panca Tattva in Mayapur is based on the instruction and mercy of Srila Prabhupada, therefore we chant the ‘Samsara’ prayers to Srila Prabhupada first. That was how he instructed us to do in Mayapur. So basically in Vrndavana, he instructed to chant ‘Vibhavari sesa’ and in Mayapur he instructed to chant ‘Samsara dhava’. So we follow Srila Prabhupada’s system of worship, as he prescribed.