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Question: In this school we teach children values, human values of truth, love, peace, right conduct, non-violence and different other character strengths. We have children from 87 countries here and many of them have different religions. However, when we teach value here we don’t necessarily talk about God. It is not something that we could do in the school here. So children do exhibit their value in school and they show their good character in school but they directly or indirectly sometimes wonder why do I need to do it when nobody is watching? If nobody is watching and we cannot tell children who is watching, how do we teach them to practice these values anyway?

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Jayapataka Swami: Christians believe in Father, Spirit and Holy Ghost. Holy ghost is the Paramatma. Vaisnavas believe in Paramatma. I think Iskcon also believes that Allah is all pervasive. So you can say God in whatever form you believe, He watches you. And He is present in your heart, He knows your thoughts, your activities. How you can present in a  sectarian school I don’t know. You can talk with your principals. Ha! But every religion says that God knows everything. Apart from that we want to follow the good values because we know what we are doing. We believe in ourselves. We want to act in the proper way. If a person gets the idea that I will do whatever I can if I can get away with it. That is a demonic idea. You see in previous yugas there were suras and asuras. But in this Kali yuga everyone has both divine and demonic natures. So this idea of, oh no one is watching, I can cheat, lie, steal, that is demonic. By nature we should want to do the right thing. But if you are only based on fear, that you will be punished. Don’t do it, God is watching. That is a much lower level of God consciousness. You want to do something because it is the right thing to do. We want to do because we want to please the Lord. Not that if you don’t do that we get punished – that is there! Yamaraj is there to punish us. You want to do the things to please the Lord. Then He will reward us with His service and with His association, etc. Or if we want material benefits He will give us that.