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Question: In Navadvip we heard about Nrsimhadeva and Varahadeva pastimes. Any other incarnation, pastimes, please tell us.

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Jayapataka Swami: There is also Gauranga, and Advaita and Nityananda. But there are various pastimes of the Lord. Many pastimes of the devotees of the Lord. Like Surabi Kunja, Siva, in the Hamsa vahan. Also, Lord Brahma in the Puskara Tirtha. Like that Radharani in Ritudvip. Lord Rama in Modrumadvip and Krsna in the tip of I don’t know if it is in the beginning of Ritudvip or end of Koladvip. But there the king of Suvarna Vihar, he had darshan of Krsna, Lord Caitanya. Like that, different avatars like in the Simantadvip, apart from Jagannath Baladev Subadra, Balarama came there and He defeated the Mayasura. So like that most of the avatars, they had some connection with Navadvip dham. Hare Krsna!