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Question: In my family others are non-devotees. How can I bring them to Krsna consciousness?

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Jayapataka Swami: That you have to make a strategy. Sometimes it is like bringing if your in laws, your father, mother, someone of their age comes and talks to them. Husband you want to make Krsna conscious, then someone can talk to him. If husband wants to make wife Krsna conscious, then he makes some strategy how to do that. Bring some Krsna conscious lady comes and makes friends, sometime say you invite some friends over for dinner, you don’t talk anything about Krsna. Just be friendly. They will say, oh, these people have house, kids and they are happy! But I am not happy. I have a house and I have kids, why am I not? What do they have? Then they say, oh, they have KRSNA!