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Question: In Mayapur, mostly devotees are very busy in their services. We don’t have close association with devotees. We feel alone in the crowd. How to fill up this vacuum?

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Jayapataka Swami: Did you hear the question? Yes, or no? So, well, if you are busy like everyone else, then you will feel like one among the others. But if you want to talk to someone and they are all busy, then you go to the book tables and maybe buy a book and they will talk to you for a while! Ha! Ha! What to say? There are various times when devotees talk to each other. But during the day they may be busy. So, there is a Help Desk in the festival. You can go to the Help Desk and either you can ask for help or you can sit behind the desk and people will come to you to ask for help! Or, you come in my program at night, I would be happy to talk to you. Ask me a question!