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Question: In Krsna consciousness we see that every process has got benefits, for example when we circumambulate Tulasi maharani, all sinful reactions are eradicated, or just by chanting one holy name, shuddha nama, we get the highest perfection. But somehow or other in our lives, we are not able to get those results. What is lacking in myself that I am not able to see that result in my life? What should I improve?

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Jayapataka Swami:  If there is something that we can see, when we go around Tulasi we sing ‘yani kani cha papani brahma-hatyadikani cha tani tani pranashyanti pradakshinaha pade pade.’ So how we should see that, that your karma, what you don’t get, something you don’t get, how you see that? You see that, you are living a peaceful life, you don’t have cancer, you don’t have various problems So we take that as the Lord’s mercy that. How do you see it? If you don’t do that, you can see that people are suffering so much, litigation, different diseases, so if you don’t get those then you take that as the Lord’s mercy and if you get those, you have your karma still there. So it is very hard to see how you want to see, you want to suffer and be delivered, or you don’t want to suffer at all? If you are complaining that I don’t see, the Lord can make you suffer and then you can be saved from that. I took a lot of disciples, not everyone follows, not everyone tells the truth. I got a letter today, one disciple said the day before initiation, I lied and I took second initiation, but actually I was breaking the principle. So this kind of thing, guru has to suffer. But being a brahmacari or you have only your own karma to worry about, unless you let people to touch your feet, and you leave remnants on your plate and they eat it, you only have your own karma. So that can be quickly dispersed. But if you have to take other people’s karma it is very difficult. I don’t know exactly how you want to know, how you have been saved by these different things. Just think of that. If you are leading a peaceful life it is the Lord’s mercy.