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Question: If you could speak a few words about what you said about being critical with ourselves and lenient with others?

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Jayapataka Swami: You know, we know that Radharani is cent per cent Krsna conscious. But She thinks that She is not quite there yet! She is always trying to find out how She can improve Her bhakti. Of course, all those who think that they are better than Radharani, they don’t have to improve, they think they already have achieved perfection, so they are left behind. The point is that we always try to find how we can improve so that means we are very self-analyzing and analyzing others, we have no time for that. If we are asked to be guru, we are asked to be in charge of some people, then to some extent we have to see how they can improve. But otherwise, it is not our position to find fault with others. So naturally, we don’t want to be a fault finder. If we have some question, if we think that it is appropriate, it is not offensive for us to ask a question. If someone says, don’t smoke and you see him smoking, then naturally you would think, well, he is saying not to smoke, my question is, my doubt is that sometimes I see you smoking, is that alright? So if you ask as a question, it is not offensive. We would like to ask a question. But if you say, you are in maya! Seriously wrong! That is not our position to find fault with others. If we have a sincere doubt and someone is taking a position of instructing others, you may express a question. Like, with appropriate, honor and respect.