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Question: If we are attached to some educational institute where wearing tilaka is not allowed, what do we do?

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Jayapataka Swami: What to speak of others, even in the Bhakti Vinod Vidyalaya, which is under the Gaudiya Matt, in the beginning we sent some students there before we had the National School and SMITS, and there the teachers openly criticized the students that they shouldn’t wear tilaka. Here we don’t have that problem. We have the National School, the International school, the gurukul, and there is no problem for wearing the tilaka. In fact if you don’t wear tilaka, there may be a problem! So if you are studying outside, you have to follow their standards. That is why we hope to provide a nice education inside and in the future we hope to have a university and college so that people can study and wear tilaka, no problem.