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Question: If someone is under the shelter of guru and chants 16 rounds and follows the regulative principles. But if they suddenly give up their body, will guru give them mercy?

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Jayapataka Swami: So there is a chance that they can go back to Godhead. Krsna says if they remember Him at the time of leaving their body, they go back to Him. So if one gets initiation, that is a better chance. But in any case, one has to always practice Krsna consciousness. Just being initiated and not practicing, that is also of no use. But practicing and being initiated, then guru helps you. Of course, if someone is ready to take initiation and then they suddenly leave their body, there is a good chance they can go back to Godhead or at least, take birth in the family of devotees. Depends on many factors. I will certainly try to help.