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Question: If one is not respecting the instructions of gurudev will it also be considered as impersonal aspect in our heart? So how to overcome this tendency?

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Jayapataka swami: Disobeying the order of the guru is considered as offensive. One of the offences to the holy name is to disobey the order of the guru. I think it is the third offence. So it is worse than impersonal. How to overcome the tendency? Follow the order of the guru! Ha! If we understand that the guru is giving us some advice, some instruction for our benefit, it is not for his benefit, it is for our benefit, so we should accept that. So if one has faith in the guru, just like what is the use of going to a doctor if you don’t take his medicines? If you don’t have faith in the doctor, don’t go to him. If you don’t have faith in the guru, why do you go if you don’t follow his instructions?