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Question: If I do something I consider for the benefit of that person but that person takes it that I have offended her or him. That I don’t have the opportunity to pardon myself to take the dust from that devotee’s lotus feet. In that situation, what should I do?

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Jayapataka Swami: It says if you have offended a vaisnava, then you should chant constantly and hopefully you can be forgiven. If you have not really offended a devotee, even if the devotee thinks you have, it may not be so serious. But somehow you can try to communicate your actual intention to that devotee and ask for forgiveness. If there is any mistake you made, I don’t know, in this world, there are letters, emails, whatsapp, phone calls, so many ways.  You can say what if I cannot communicate with a devotee. I don’t understand, unless the devotee is deaf, then you can write a letter! If they are blind and deaf then it is very difficult!  Anything you want, to that devotee how do you communicate. Assuming that the devotee is not blind and deaf, somehow or another you can try to communicate. Hare Krsna!