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Question: If a devotee commits an offence towards a vaisnava but is unable to atone for it in this lifetime, does the reaction get carried to the next life?

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Jayapataka Swami: The daughter of Sumeda Rishi had offended the Purushottama month, and she offended Durvasa muni. But he being a friend of Sumeda Rishi, he did not curse her although it was his habit, a tendency to do so. He thought, anyway, she has offended the Purushottama month, and that she would get bad enough a bad reaction. So it says that she worshiped Lord Siva but she wanted to get a husband. She said, I want a husband, I want a husband, I want a husband, I want a husband, I want a husband. five times. He said one time is enough. But you said five times, so you get five husbands! She said, oh no! But he said that’s it. She became a pure devotee and she had the five Pandavas as her five husbands. So as Draupadi she got lot of mercy from Lord Krsna. So somehow she got delivered as Draupadi.