Jayapataka Swami: Everybody, all the congregational members and all the devotees in the temple, are part of the machine that is serving Krsna to help bring souls back to Godhead. And so we should all feel part of that effort. Someone is doing arati for the deity, someone is cooking for the deity, someone is getting donation for serving the temple. Others are doing bhakti vrksa groups. So some ladies teach other ladies, some men are teaching other men. They are all trying to help spread Krsna consciousness. So we should all feel part of that effort and we should see everyone else also as part of that effort. So it may be a major part or a minor part but every part is important. Like a machine, a car, even a small bolt is very important. Like the wheel if there is a bolt which is not right, that will cause a problem. So everyone is part of that effort. Right? That is why I want to thank all of you that you are part of the effort and a very important part. Thank you very much!