Jayapataka Swami: You see, first of all there are five types of relationships. Santa, dasya, sakya, vatsalya and madurya. The awe and reverence mood we call santa. The service mood we call dasya. Friendship mood is called sakya and the parental mood is called vatsalya. The conjugal mood is called madurya. So one has any one of these relationships with the Lord. If one has dasya, it includes santa. If one has sakya it includes dasya and santa. If one has vatsalya or parental, it includes the previous three. If one has madurya, it includes all the five. So we can have any of the relationships. Normally, those who are especially attracted to Lord Caitanya’s pastimes achieve conjugal. And those who are attracted to Lord Nityananda’s pastime, they achieve the parental or something. So like that depending on your attachment, you have the particular mood. Some people worship Gaura Gadhai. Some people worship Nitai Gaura. Nitai Gaura are more for preaching. And Gaura Gadhai are for relationship.