Jayapataka Swami: He thought that his food was not standard. That Lord Caitanya should be offered first class rice and his rice gotten by begging was not so first class. People would give away their bad rice. There is a saying in Bengal, uru koya Govindaya namaha. That means there is a person, Gopal Bar, he was carrying a basket of puffed rice on his head. And then a gust of wind came and blew the puffed rice in the air. So he said, puffed rice flying in the air, I offer you to Govinda!! What is this? Once it hits the ground, it won’t be offered to Govinda! And he cannot eat it either. Because who is going to pick up all the individual puffed rice? So, if people are going to lose something, then they think I will just offer it to Govinda! At least, I will get some spiritual benefit!