Jayapataka Swami: Of course, the third verse of the Siksastakam, it is said we should offer all respect to others and not expect any respect for ourselves. Be humble like a blade of grass and tolerant like a tree. But devotees should try not to attack or criticize other devotees. But if unfortunately, due to some misunderstanding it happens, we should not be adversely affected by this. We should rather be tolerant and humble. And in this way, we should not take this criticism or attack seriously. It is like children, sometimes they fight, sometimes they are friends. So we don’t take this attack seriously. We understand that this is kali yuga influence and rather, the devotees are very rare and if someone misunderstood, we don’t take it very seriously.  One disciple of Srinivas Acarya, he went to see his wife because after marriage he left right away and came to the ashram of his guru. So guru said, ‘you should see your wife, at least see her once.’ But the wife, she wanted to know, why the husband left and what he got that was so spiritually attractive? So he explained the spiritual truths he received. And his wife was very appreciative, she bowed down to him, and sindoor from her head came on his foot. So when he went back to the guru’s ashram, the guru thought, ‘oh! the sindoor is on your foot, you had a relation with your wife and you didn’t take bath!’ So he forbade him. So Narottamadas Thakur, he was there and he asked him what really happened? When he explained that he just instructed his wife in Krsna consciousness and she was very grateful and bowed down to him and that is why the sindoor was on his foot, the guru apologized. He misunderstood! Hare Krsna! This misunderstanding sometimes happens even amongst advanced souls so we should not take it very seriously. Hare Krsna!