Jayapataka Swami: I was trying to see, one pandita, was saying that in the Brahmanda Purana it states that there is a sandhya before and after every day of Brahma. And that is not mentioned in the Bhagavatam or any other places. So one pandita said, Surya Siddhanta says,  that some living entities were created in the first 135 million years of the first manvantara. And how to adjust the two things? How can you sleep when you have this? Ha! Ha! Then I thought you cannot create living entities till you have planets. Where are they going to go? They cannot be floating around in space, they have to have some planets. So Brahma creates the sun, the planets during the sandhya. And may be some other living entities like the devas. So maybe a few others are created during the first manvantara, I mean the sandhya. That is the conclusion I gained. There cannot be a Surya Siddhanta without the surya. I mean there cannot be a Surya without a Surya. Ha! Ha! So what is better than that to think at 2 in the morning! I did not think what time it was! I had chanted at night, 1800 japas! Thinking and chanting! Doesn’t everybody think like that?