Jayapataka Swami: You see, there is no need to be hearing from others outside of Iskcon. At least Sri sampradaya is one of the four sampradayas,vaisnava, but they are in the mood of servitude, dasya. And they worship Laksmi Narayana. So, by hearing their lectures, one may attain the Vaikuntha loka of the Lord, and not be allowed into the Krsna loka. So that is one of the dangers. But at least it is in the spiritual world. Would rather hear the six goswamis, and rather be in the sakya rasa, vatsalya rasa or madhurya rasa. I think, today or yesterday was the appearance day of Ramanujacarya. We glorify Ramanujacarya, he was a great preacher, a great devotee. And we naturally appreciate his contribution, but there is no need. But if sometimes we go, may not be a problem. Not like listening to mayawadis. But if we go too much, then we may miss the highest benediction of Lord Caitanya. Hare Krsna.