Jayapataka Swami: If the person preaches to you and if they are in that preaching if they are committing any offence, we don’t want to hear that offence.  If they want to tell us something about their religion and they hear us tell something about our religion, that is alright but if they don’t want to hear us, why should we hear them?  Srila Prabhupada was talking with some Islamic Ayotallahs, pandits type and then he was very animated when he arrived in Calcutta, that they had discovered that Allah o Akbar meant same as Absolute Truth, Parabrahma dhimahi. So he was discussing with the other religion people. So they had real exchange. Like that we are often having with interfaith exchange, when someone is trying to criticize our religion and they don’t want to hear from us, why should we waste our time listening to them? If someone has more faith in some other religion, then some senior devotee, who has a more philosophical standing, he could talk to that devotee and try to explain how Krsna consciousness includes the philosophy of the other religions. Hare Krsna.