Jayapataka Swami: Pure devotional service is very rare. There are a few people who have it, but we can try for it. We can avoid desiring things which are completely separate to Krsna. We can dovetail all our desires with Krsna consciousness. Just like we decide to have a Krsna conscious child that way we can dovetail our desires for family life. So it may be we are doing devotional service for material gain that is also a type of pure devotion. One may have some material desires but they don’t do their devotional service to realize any material profit. There are two types of devotees – sakama bhakta and niskama bhakta. So sakama bhakta means he does devotional service, but he prays to the Lord, give me this and that, material things. Niskama devotee serves the Lord but does not ask the Lord for any material benediction. Rather he or she asks for spiritual attainment. So niskama bhakti is received by one who is described in the previous question, “by causeless mercy”. We cannot evaluate why the guru, why Nitai are giving us the mercy. We don’t deserve it but They give it freely because They are very compassionate and They want to see the fallen souls delivered. That is the causeless mercy! There is nothing we can do to really deserve it. Probably we can try to render devotional service and hope that the Lord will give us His causeless mercy. Haribol!