Jayapataka Swami: Gaura Ganodesa Dipika says who are the different devotees in Gaura Lila and who are they in the Krsna lila, is explained. But I never read that book. We see some places, Srila Prabhupada reports that this devotee was this person by referring to the Gaura Ganodesa Dipika. We know that Sita Thakurani, she was present at the birth of Lord Caitanya. She came to see Him and gave Him some auspicious gifts and she was there cooking for Lord Caitanya when He went to Santipur. The mother of Srivas explained to Advaita Gosain that Lord Caitanya He has come on Your request, and then Advaita Gosain said that many people know that I prayed for the Lord’s descent, how do I know that actually, He is My Lord? If He calls Me, come here and I bow down and He touches His foot on My head, I look up, I see that He is My Lord, I will accept. So Sita Thakurani, brought an arati tray. He said, what is that for? Just in case He is the Lord You can do arati. Ha! So Sita Thakurani, many times appeared in some special role. She was a very devout wife, at the same time she was a very Krsna conscious lady. Hare Krsna!