Question: Day before yesterday, a mātājī had a question on the class of Guru Mahārāja on the subject of Mādhavendra Purī. Guru Maharaj had said that the Gopāla and Gopīnātha are the same deity. Therefore, Gopāla had said that if you smear sandalwood and camphor paste on Gopīnātha, I will also cool down. In our Rajapur Jagannātha temple, there was a little tussle between Lord Jagannātha and Girirāja, over the acceptance of bhoga. Guru maharaj had made a solution to that, that day he gave the answer but I would like to hear that again from Guru Maharaj.

Jayapataka Swami:  You see, sometimes we think that the deity is stone or wood or something. So by this pastime, Lord Jagannātha Baladeva Subadra and the Govardhana hill, they established that They were people. Every avatāra has a particular quality. By this pastime,...

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