Jayapataka Swami:  You see, sometimes we think that the deity is stone or wood or something. So by this pastime, Lord Jagannātha Baladeva Subadra and the Govardhana hill, they established that They were people. Every avatāra has a particular quality. By this pastime, Lord Jagannātha was revealing the special quality of the Govardhana shila. That Govardhana was a mountain so He could eat unlimitedly. And so Lord Jagannātha said, He eats everything! We don’t get anything! So the pūjārī came to me and said, please solve this problem! Generally, temple presidents have to deal with certain problems, but this was an unusual problem! So this helps us to realize how the Lord is a person. This was the most important aspect. That Their deity forms are particular individual persons, and how we should deal with Them. So I said that they should offer a separate plate to Govardhana, and a separate plate to Jagannātha Baladeva Subadra. So after that, we received no complaints! But we felt the great, great mercy of Lord Jagannātha! How great a responsibility we have, for all the deities! Śrīla Prabhupāda said that all the deities are the boss, and we are Their servants.