Who is Jayapataka Swami?
American born Gordon John, aka Jayapataka Swami, Founding Chairman of Food For Life, a food relief charity which has fed over 6 billion needy people over 50 years has marked the 50th year anniversary of complete dedication to society at large on Wednesday 26th August 2020.

American boy, born in Wisconsin, Jayapataka Swami speaks 12 languages fluently, including Bengali, Hindi, Spanish and other native Indian dialects.

Guinness Book record holder
Guinness Book of record holder for most travelled man on the planet in his service to humanity. There is hardly a place in the world he has not travelled.

Pioneer of prison reformation meditation programs conducted all over the world.

Millions of followers
Jayapataka Swami has millions of followers around the world, including members of the Royal families of Thailand, Bahrain and Nepal.

In 1978, when floods ravaged West Bengal, Jayapataka Swami risked his life several times, braving flood waters in inadequate boats, to deliver emergency flood relief supplies to villagers stranded on tree-tops and roof-tops. This and countless other selfless services for the masses of India caused tens of thousands of villagers to petition the Central Government to grant Jayapataka Swami Indian citizenship. This was granted by the Indian Government Home Ministry in 1978.

Jayapataka Swami has built a city on the banks of the Ganges with a population of over 10,000 people.

Online yoga and meditation programs
Despite suffering a debilitating stroke in 2009 and a dual liver and kidney transplant in 2018, His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaj is continuing to pioneer online yoga and meditation programs through social media and VR. Despite ongoing health issues, Jayapataka Swami is conducting 6 to 8 online programs a day, reaching audiences all over the world.

A saintly soul, who has fully dedicated himself to the service of humanity.

Founding Director of Temple of Vedic Planetarium Exhibitions
Founding Director of Temple of Vedic Planetarium Exhibitions, working in partnership with Alfred Ford, (Grandson and heir apparent of Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company), building world’s first Planetarium presentation of the cosmos.

JPS Care – Launch of Jayapataka Swami Care
on Nityananda Trayodasi 2021

Prominent Projects


ISKCON Mayapur is the spiritual world headquarters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness and up to 10,000 pilgrims visit each day. Six guest houses accommodate up to three thousand pilgrims a night. Two large dining halls, more than a thousand guests can receive Krishna prasadam at one time.

To learn about ISKCON Mayapur more, visit the website: http://mayapur.com

Temple of the Vedic Planetarium

The fulfilment of the desire of visionaries, from Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu down to Srila Prabhupada, saints and incarnations, the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium is a unique and ambitious project to make the vast culture and philosophy of the timeless Vedic tradition accessible to everyone.

Visit the website: http://tovp.org for more information

ISKCON Congregation

ISKCON Congregational Ministry offers consultancy, education and networking to assist the ISKCON to develop and expand its communities. This site has books and articles that describe how to build dynamic Krishna Conscious communities.

Visit the website: http://www.iskconcongregation.com for more information

Srila Prabhupada Daily Quotation

“As Brahma is thinking to create a universe, you are thinking to create a skyscraper building, the ant is thinking to create a hole within the room - the quality of the work is the same. But because we are fools, that these things are material, it will not stay.” --...

Health Update and Request to Disciples

I am still suffering from the leg pain due to cellulitis. I realized this is much less than I deserve. Lord Krsna is being very kind to me, giving me a token suffering. I hope that all the disciples, especially the initiated and second initiated disciples, are very...

Srila Prabhupada Daily Quote

“I have given the ideas. Now you give the shape.” -- Vrindavan, October 14, 1977

Mayapur Co-directors’ Meeting

I attended the Mayapur Co-directors’ meeting from 11.30am to 12.45pm IST.

Srila Prabhupada Daily Quotation

“A pure devotee is he who loves Krishna, without any material desire. Such pure devotees are very rare. But by the Grace of Krishna, practically all the devotees and disciples who have kindly joined me, their symptoms are pure devotees. Even if they have got some...

Virtual Table Book Distribution Score – 12 July 2021

Today, we distributed 11 Srimad Bhagavatam sets, 1 Caitanya-caritamrta and 345 small books. Thank you very much! You can contact virtual table at WhatsApp +91 94347 60402.

MEB Meeting Cancelled

MEB meeting was cancelled, although I was going to attend on my bed. Then I took the Ganges bath and applied twelve tilaka.

Afternoon Update – 12 Oct 2012

After the correspondence, I woke up. I laid down, but was not able sleep much. Doctor said I should keep my legs raised, I did that. I also chanted my Gayatri in noon because every day we have to finish our Gayatris in a same day. It can’t carried over to the next...

Morning Update – 12 Oct 2021

In the morning, I woke up at 6.30am. I took medicine and again slept and then woke up at 11am.

Health Update – 11 Oct 2021

Yesterday, I was feeling sick with fever and pain in my right leg with cellulitis. The doctor came and gave me medicine. As per the doctor’s advice, I took rest and I was not able to take the Caitanya Lila class. I took medicine in the night before going to bed.
JPS Office

JPS Office

The official website for JPS Office. Here you can download various initiation forms, philosophical test papers, questionnaires and checklists
JPS Archives

JPS Archives

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JPS Archives Youtube

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