Happy Vasanta Pancami

Today is the Vasanta Pañcamī, Sarasvatī Pūjā day, appearance of Viṣṇupriyā devī, appearance of Puṇḍarīka Vidyānidhi, Raghunandana Ṭhākura, and Dāsa Raghunātha Goswami, as well the disappearance day of Visvanatha Cakravartī Thakura. We wish everyone a very blissful...

Chest Therapy

His Grace Mahāpurāṇa das Adhikārī performed the chest therapy on my two sides, and my chest, so that I could breathe better.

Mayapur Gita Course

In the Gītā course, there are various postings – how the different participants in the Gītā course are advancing in their Kṛṣṇa consciousness. Laxmī Govinda das was in the class of the Gītā course, and there were very interesting updates.

My daughter want to Be initiated, she is 11 years old.

Once she reach 12 years of age she can take initiation. If she chants 16 round and follows the 4 regulative principles she can take shelter otherwise she can take aspiring. Please check the following link and write to jpsofficedatabase@gmail.com. Forms GM approved...

Temple of Vedic Planetarium Exhibits and Planetarium Wing

The west wing of the Temple of Vedic Planetarium is a special exhibits and planetarium wing known as “Museum of the Vedic Planetarium” and we had our meeting today. We are waiting for HG Rameshwar Prabhu to regain his health and we discussed things like finalizing the...